How often is the sacrament of communion celebrated at Wesley?

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each of the church 'seasons' and, on other special Sundays, such as World Communion Sunday (September/October). This practice works out to 7 or 8 times per year.  Remaining dates are the first Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve. Upcoming dates are published in each edition of our quarterly newsletter (The Wesley Word).

Do I have to be a member of the United Church or of Wesley United to receive communion?

No. Ours is an open table. Everyone, including children, is welcome at the table of Jesus Christ.


How often is the sacrament of baptism celebrated at Wesley?

Baptism, celebrated as part of the Sunday worship service, is scheduled as requested.

Do I have to be a member of Wesley to have my children baptised?

No; however, ordinarily it is required that at least one of the parents be a baptised member in good standing of The United Church of Canada.

I was baptised in a church of another denomination. Do I need to be baptised again to join Wesley?

No, just come.


How do I become a member of Wesley United Church?

If you are not a member of another church, we offer classes as the need arises. If you belong to another church, you may have your membership transferred to Wesley. Please speak to one of our ministers if you are interested in membership.

Do I have to be a member of Wesley in order to be part of congregational activities or groups?

There are very few activities, volunteer opportunities or elected offices that require membership in a congregation of the United Church (e.g. voting on a motion to call a minister; serving as a Trustee). Many folks choose to get a feel for the community of Wesley, volunteer for one or two things of interest, and decide to consider membership at a later time. It’s entirely up to you. We suggest you talk with some Wesley members or our ministers, as you feel comfortable.

More Information Please

How do I get to know more about Wesley?

Early each New Year, we invite any who feel they are newcomers to Wesley to a Newcomers Luncheon, which includes a building tour, some of Wesley’s history and a chance to meet our ministers and lay leaders in an informal setting.

We also have an Information and Program Guide that identifies the lay leaders of our Council (local church governing body), and other information that we hope you’ll find of interest.

How can I receive a copy of the Wesley Announcements, if I miss a Sunday?

Please contact our Office Coordinator and we will email or ‘Canada Post’ one to you. Each week, the Office Coordinator emails the upcoming Sunday’s announcement to everyone who requests that service. Some find that, receiving the notices electronically ahead of time, gives an opportunity to plan ahead – and to save paper in the process!

News about Wesley is also found in the Wesley Word (our quarterly newsletter). If you don’t have email access, a paper copy of the Wesley Word will be placed in your church mail box.

What can I volunteer to do at Wesley?

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Wesley. Every Sunday we need readers, greeters and choir members. There are other longer-term commitments that may be chosen, such as volunteering for a month-long House team (assisting with after-worship coffee/juice time) and for positions on church council committees.

Ushers on duty each Sunday are happy to help you find a person who can help you. From time to time we also have sign-up sheets – say, to assist in the annual Garage Sale – and we welcome all offers for assistance.

The neat thing that some folks have found is that, by getting involved in even one aspect of life at Wesley, beyond Sunday worship, is a way of getting to know others in an informal, friendly way.  We hope you’ll discover that too!

Just Wondering

What’s this practice of passing a black folder along the row of chairs just before the worship service begins?

We call these our ‘Signature of Friendship’ folders. We pass them one way and back again so that you can see the name of the persons on either side of you and so they also will be able to call you by name. In the folder, you will also find envelopes on which you can indicate if you wish to make Wesley your church home, as well as arrange for a personalized mailbox and a Wesley name tag.

I note that, when the offering plate is passed, some people put in a little card or do not put in an offering. Is this normal?

The offering of money is one of the many ways in which we worship God. Newcomers are invited to participate, but no one has to contribute money at worship. Offering envelopes are available through the church office so that what you offer is confidential and is also eligible for a charitable donation receipt. As a practical matter, many people at Wesley make offerings through the automatic debiting of funds from their bank accounts. Called Pre-Authorized Withdrawal (PAW), the debit occurs monthly on a day they choose. Some choose to place a PAW card (the little card you might have noticed) on the offering plate as a symbolic way to participate; others pass the plate without placing a card in it.