Mission Statement

Wesley United Church, located on Treaty 4 land, is an Affirming Ministry of Jesus Christ, nurturing spiritual exploration and growth. We advocate for justice and social action. We love and care for ourselves and our neighbours throughout the world.

Vision Statement

We seek a better world through life in Christ, as disciples of Jesus of Nazareth.

We seek to live up to our Treaty 4 promises.

We see suffering. We seek comfort, health, and happiness for all. We acknowledge the pain of the world and insist that this pain cannot be endured forever.

We see exclusion. We seek inclusion; all are welcome no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, whether you are old or young, whether you are rich or poor, whatever your ethnicity, whether you’re indigenous, settler or immigrant, whatever your ability, whatever your spiritual beliefs.  Indeed, we welcome all to share in all aspects of our spiritual life including membership, leadership, celebration of marriage and life passages.

We see injustice. We seek justice, peace, and right relationship with God, our neighbour, and the Earth. We seek an inclusive, just and loving community called to alleviate suffering and to break the cycles of inequality and injustice in our world.