Pastoral care, including visiting is considered a priority that is supported by the minister and a team of lay visitors; visiting at times of bereavement, illness, or other crises, or shut-ins, is a priority, but visiting should be extended to others within the congregation. Pastoral care is the practical expression of our concern for the needs of our members and the community.


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History and Mandate of Clare Parker House

Clare Parker Homes was founded in 1977 by a group of churches from the Wascana Presbytery Division of the United Church of Canada.  The first house was named in memory of Clare Parker, the first Director of the Capital Cosmos Centre.  In 2009, Clare Parker Homes amalgamated with a Catholic faith-based agency in Regina.  Today, various United Church members as well as members from the Regina community and the Catholic Church community, volunteer their time as board members to maintain the residences and provide homes which will promote the highest level of well-being for each individual who lives at the house and is under its care.    Clare Parker Homes Inc. take much pride in their homes.  Qualified staff provide round-the-clock care and residents, under the direction of staff, participate in basic life skills like housecleaning, laundry and meal-preparation.  Each resident has a bedroom which is decorated to personal liking. Coffee and meal time provide an opportunity for socialization. Independent times can be spent watching TV, listening to music or entertaining friends. Community events like swimming, bowling, crafts and dancing (soon back to pre-covid) are open to residents.  Visiting parks, taking in a movie, attending church and having meal-outings are other optional past times.  In general, Clare Parker Homes Inc. is not just a house; it’s a home where all who live there, operate together as “family”.  

Funding for Clare Parker House

Operational funding for Clare Parker Homes Inc. comes through Community Living Service Delivery (a branch of Social Services) and from the donations of the community and other churches and organizations at large. Monetary donations for Clare Parker Homes Inc. are tax deductible.

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