Stewardship is ... everything we think, say and do after we say "I believe".

Stewardship is how we invest God's 'stuff' for God's mission in God's world.

Stewardship is ...

  • How we spend our time
  • How we care for our body and make healthy choices
  • Our priorities around money
  • How we choose to employ our talents and gifts
  • How we manage our relationships
  • How we care for the environment
  • How we practice our faith


Testimonials - Time & Talent

I would like to improve what is being taught about different sets of people in schools.


Volunteering is a gift of yourself.


I see in Wesley many, many volunteers who are inspiring, that when called upon certainly come to the forefront and that's really, really inspirational for me.


We all have more talents and more wisdom than we give ourselves credit for.


One of the things I wanted to do more of is to become more aware and be supportive of the gifts in other people to facilitate the sharing of their gifts.


We look on our contribution, as modest as it is, as sort of the least we can do to help sustain an organization that's going to be there in our lives for a long time.