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Changes at Wesley due to COVID 19

Church activities, including in-person Sunday services, have been cancelled until it is safe to resume.

There will be no in-person church related meetings. We are able to meet remotely using Zoom, a video-conferencing software tool. If you need help setting it up or getting acquainted, please contact Lee at the office (306) 586-5220. Please be patient as we are all navigating around this new technology!

Our Office Coordinator Tina is on indefinite sick leave (nothing to do with COVID-19) and our thoughts and prayers are with her. Lee Stubbe has been hired to fill in.  He’s been hard at work getting acquainted with office procedures, setting up and testing Zoom for services and meetings, and collaborating with Cindy to figure out how to adapt the worship service to the digital world.  Cindy is very pleased with his work! He also promises that she did really say that, and he isn’t just making it up because he’s writing the announcements.

An Emergency Preparedness Team has been appointed to develop a more complete response. Those appointed are Kent Stewart, Sheila Roske, Linda Gunningham, Al Goudie, and Cindy Bourgeois.  They have already had two productive meetings developing Wesley United Church’s response to COVID-19, based on the recommendations of the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the United Church of Canada, and the collective wisdom of our team.  Council will still make final decisions on non-emergency items. Please keep them in your prayers.

Cancelled and Changed Events at Wesley due to COVID 19

·         The Sunday morning Study Group will meet remotely.

·         The Social Justice Committee will meet remotely.

·         The Susanna Wesley meeting has been cancelled.

·         Handbell Choir practices have been cancelled.

·         Senior Choir practices have been cancelled.

·         The Monday morning knitting and fellowship group will not be meeting.

·         The Green Parenting meeting on April 14 has been cancelled.

·         The Spring into Action event on April 4 has been cancelled.

·         Men’s Club Dinner on April 3 is cancelled.

·         A decision on the Annual Garage Sale will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

A Note from Stewardship

Dear Friends,

This is a time of change and challenge, with many unknowns in our immediate future. One thing we do know, however, is that our need of your financial support doesn’t change.  Even if we are not meeting face-to-face, we still have salaries to be met, bills to pay and a building to maintain. If you are on PAW, things will continue as usual. If not, please remember the commitment you have made to our church family.  Your contributions can be given via e-transfer or cheques can be mailed to the church (3913 Hillsdale St., Regina, S4S 3Y6).

Please arrange for e-transfers with your financial institution.  When that is done, the email address you will use on your financial institution's website for WESLEY e-transfers is <>. Wesley will automatically accept the e-transfer and your donation is complete. Wesley does not require a password.

The words of our creed, “We are not alone” are more important than ever now. Let’s work together to keep the Wesley community thriving, no matter what form our interactions take in the uncertain days to come. Thank you for your past generosity and your continued support.

Linda Gunningham,


Convenor Wesley Stewardship Committee

We Care

Keep in touch with your friends, family and community members, particularly those who may be alone or isolated. The Pastoral Care team has established a phone tree to check up on everybody and keep us all connected.  As well, they will be calling to record emergency contact person information for everybody.   You might find this alarming!  But please be assured we are only doing this to prepare for any eventuality.

Online Worship

We will pre-record a service and stream it on Sunday morning.

You can find the link here


Join Moderator Richard Bott for the live recording of an online worship service, Tuesday, March 24, at 5 pm. You are welcome to turn your camera on (but leave your microphone off), and open up the chat box. The recording of this worship service will be shared for groups and individuals to use on Sunday, March 28. The prayers, hymns, and reflections from the Moderator’s online worship will also be available in audio and text form. Watch for more information on our website:

Online Prayer and Check-In Meeting

This week, we held a prayer and check-in meeting with around twenty people on Zoom.  We had a great response – thank you all for your prayers! Stay tuned for more opportunities to get together online for prayer and fellowship.

Wanted – Note Cards

If you have any extra blank sympathy cards or get well cards please bring them to the church office, or give them to Linda Paul.  Linda sends cards to folks who have been ill or lost a loved one.

Wanted – Wesley Videos

If you’ve taken a video over the last couple years of services or events at Wesley, share them with the office! We would like to post them on our website.

Wanted – Grocery Deliverers There may be occasions where people from Wesley are forced into self-isolation, and have trouble getting their own groceries.  We are seeking volunteers to assist with this task.  Please email the office if you are willing and able. 


1.       Stay at home as much as possible and particularly if you are unwell

2.       Eliminate person to person contact - no hand shaking, hugs, high-fives, fist or elbow bumps

3.       Social (physical) distancing - spread out, avoid close contact

4.       Rigorous hand washing

5.       Cough into your sleeve or a tissue

6.       Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth