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Dear friends and comrades, 

I’m sure most of you will recall our discussions, prior to the pandemic restrictions, about the future of Wesley United Church. The overwhelming preference you expressed was that we look for new opportunities to partner with other organizations, both churches and community groups. 

I am very pleased to announce that Wesley has been offered the chance to enter into just such a partnership with a community organization. The Ugandan Canadian Association of Saskatchewan (UCAS) is looking for a new home, and has approached Wesley about a partnership. This is a golden opportunity for us to live into our mission by building new relationships, celebrating diversity, and making room in our lives and our faith for the broader community around us.

Some of you may be uneasy with the idea of sharing the building. That’s totally understandable. At the same time, it’s worth bearing a few things in mind.

First, this is not yet decided. John Whyte and Kent Stewart have been working with UCAS to develop terms of a potential partnership, and we will provide more details so that all of you can make an informed decision about this. Wesley is your community, and the final decision remains yours.

Second, we have already been successfully sharing the building for some time, both in scheduled rentals of various spaces, and in permanently housing a daycare on the premises. While this partnership will entail a deeper relationship, we already have a track record of successfully sharing the space.

Finally, this is the kind of partnership that we, as a community, thought was our best hope for a sustainable and meaningful future. UCAS will contribute more than just financially to Wesley; they will provide us with many opportunities to learn and grow -- and I hope and believe that we will share more than just some space in our building in return.  

Whatever your views, I invite you to join us on October 25 for a congregational meeting (via zoom) so that we can reach a decision together. I know that the details are thin right now, but we will share more details as they emerge, and ensure that we’re in a position to make an informed choice before the meeting. This is a wonderful chance for us to decide the kind of future we want for Wesley United Church.

Peace be with you,

Dan Holbrow

President, Wesley United Church