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Summer registration is open!  Several sessions are already full or nearly full. We would love to have a sellout this summer, so help us by promoting this wonderful camp! 

Saturday May 5 is camp clean up (assuming the snow is gone).  This is a really fun day in the valley.  We need a large number of hands to get the site up and running for the summer. Jobs vary, but we will find something for everyone!  LBC will also provide a hot-dog roast lunch for volunteers. Please bring your own drinking water. Gates open at 9:30am. Also, many congregations have buildings they are responsible for.  If your community would like to be assigned a cabin or other building, please let me know.  This system is great because a) LBC knows that certain spaces are automatically cared for and b) volunteers who come out know year-to-year what to expect and what to bring. 

We are still searching for a Cook for the summer. Need a self-esteem boost? The most popular person at camp is the Cook.  Ideally we are looking for someone for the entire summer, but if you or someone you know would be available for a week or two that could work really nice.  The full posting can be found on our website –

We have some fun programming this spring that folks in your congregation may be interested in.
1. Day Camps – May 18 & June 15.  We bus campers from Knox-Met in Regina out to the camp for a day full of fun and exploration.  Cost is $45 and this includes lunch and transport.
2. Take Your Grandparent to Camp Day – June 16. LBC staff will lead you and your grandparent through all sorts of camp activities, including canoeing, swimming, archery, art, hikes and more!  The activities are most appropriate for children 3 years and older.

Banana Sprint – May 6 at 1PM in Wascana Park.  The Banana Sprint is similar to other fun runs, except participants will be issued a banana at the beginning of the 3.5 KM course and encouraged to eat their banana in a banana split at the end. There will also be a few camp-themed challenges along the way. Great for families, work pals, camp lovers...anyone can have a great time in the park supporting Lumsden Beach Camp. Funds raised through the Banana Sprint will go directly towards essential building and site improvements.


Thank you for supporting your United Church Summer Camp!  We are incredibly grateful to be a part of the vibrant Wascana Presbytery community.  Contact Vicki at 306-539-7772 or [email protected] if you have any questions about the camp, have a good idea for us, or just to say “hi”.