For the first time in 6 months, for the first time in 26 weeks, the community at Wesley United Church will gather to celebrate God's presence together in person. We will celebrate together, but in new and sometimes off-putting ways, but we will do so together.

I know there are varying levels of discomfort among our members about worshipping together in person. In Wesley's recent survey, many said they would return right away, a few are waiting for a vaccine, while the majority remain non-committal about returning in person. Whatever choice you make is the right choice.

However, we know that many people uncomfortable with returning in person have enjoyed the online services. So even when we return, we will continue to show our services live through Zoom.

Whatever you decide, I want you to know that the people preparing for a return have done so with safety at the top of mind.

Therefore, according to the Saskatchewan Health Authority's guidelines, our services will be done as follows:

  • There will be a maximum of 40 people allowed per service. This is the maximum number of people we can fit in the auditorium with physical distancing.
  • Everyone but the presiders will be wearing masks.
  • Everyone will need to register to attend the service.
  • There will be no coffee time.
  • There will be no congregational singing or choir, but there will be a soloist.
  • People will enter through the accessible door by the parking lot only and exit through the north-east fire escape door.

We are thankful for our emergency preparedness team and our Property committee and staff for all their work to make reopening possible. I can't wait to see everyone who feels comfortable attending. And like God, I love you all no matter what.

Cindy Bourgeois, Minister