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Hey folks! We’re baaack!! We are OK and hope you are too. You know what? Wesley has Blueberries again this year!

Thank you for your 2020 order and support. We hope you are all well and enjoyed the fresh BC blueberries you bought last year. 

The last day to submit your pre-order is Monday July 5, 2021. You will then get your berries at Wesley United Church (3913 Hillsdale Street), using the drive-through pick-up on our east parking lot, without even leaving your vehicle. 

Note our pricing for 2021:

Full Flat = 12 pints ($37)
Half Flat = 6 pints ($25)
Quarter Flat = 3 pints ($15)

Here is a link to our 2021 on-line ordering form, let’s give it a go!:

Remember to answer all the questions and press ‘submit’ at the bottom of the form.