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Bill C-262 is potential legislation that would require Canada to bring its laws into line with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  Bill C-262 has passed through Parliament and now needs Senate approval.  Here’s the problem: The Senate isn’t moving on this bill.  We have until late March to get it unstuck, or else the whole process will die when Parliament dissolves for the fall federal election.   This concern crosses all party lines: it’s about respecting a call to action from the TRC and residential school survivors.  And it’s about being serious about reconciliation together as a country and church.

Please: join with other churches across Canada and take just a few minutes to write or call the Senate.  Do this individually, or get together and have a writing or phoning bee after church.  For full background, including a faith leader’s letter, see KAIROS' action: Senator Dennis Glen Patterson is the Conservative critic for Bill C-262.  He is key to getting this moving.  Please contact him first: 613-992-0480 or Saskatchewan

Senators are: Sen. Raynell Andreychuk; Sen. Denise Batters; Sen. Lillian Dyck; Sen. David Tkachuk; Sen. Pamela Wallin

Please hand write your letter if possible. Postage is free. Mail to:

Name of Senator, The Senate of Canada, Ottawa ON K1A 0A4

Thank you to the United Church people who were among the many planning a March 2 event in support of this action! Any space that gathers Indigenous and non Indigenous people together to dance, sing, pray, and take action is a good space. (from Mar. 6, 2019 Regional Rambler, formerly the UCC Saskatchewan Conference Newsletter).       

Thanks, Dan Beveridge
Social Justice Committee Chair