Regional Council has approved the Voluntary Associate Minister (VAM) status for Pam Thomas and Carolyn McBean.

What is a Voluntary Associate Minister (VAM)?

"A VAM is an ordained, diaconal, or designated lay minister in The United Church of Canada who is retired or between calls or appointments, is in good standing within the regional council, and has a formal association with a community of faith.

A VAM can be in association with any community of faith, regardless of whether or not there is an appointed or called ministry personnel in place with the community of faith. A community of faith must request approval of the designation of a VAM by completing the VAM application form and forwarding it to the Pastoral Relations Commission for their approval.

A person can only have one VAM designation at any one time. A VAM can exercise the function of ministry for any community of faith within the bounds of Living Skies Regional Council and is not limited to only doing so for the community of faith with which they are in formal association.

A VAM from another regional council of the United Church of Canada is eligible to perform the functions of ministry within the bounds of Living Skies Regional Council."