“We see injustice. We seek justice, peace and right relationship with God, our neighbour, and the Earth. We seek an inclusive, just and loving community called to alleviate suffering and to break the cycles of inequality and injustice in our world.”


As people of faith, we believe in God and express that belief through worship and witness. We also express our faith through action. We follow God’s will “to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8). Social justice is how we express our faith through action. We recognize our obligation as people of faith to look after others and creation. The scope of outreach programs can be very wide. Hence, each congregation defines specific social justice areas they can cover given their constraints of people, time and budget.
Wesley United Church’s organizational policy defines the Social Justice Committee’s mandate as:
i. To educate the congregation and promote, support and participate in seeking justice for all.
ii. To recommend and carry out activities designed to link the congregation effectively to the community through outreach ministry, social action and education in both the local and global arena.
Through our ministry as a social justice committee, we will transform the community and ourselves toward a full realization of the Kin-dom of God.
We recommend and facilitate activities that link the Wesley congregation to the community through outreach ministry, social action and education.
i. Justice
We are called to seek a just society by ensuring fairness, equality and compassion for all of creation.
ii. Care for creation and all my relations
We are called to respect and live in loving partnership with all of God’s creation.
iii. Peace
We are committed to promoting and encouraging peace within ourselves, in our homes and families, in the community and in the world.
iv. Partnership
We are committed to partnerships and relationships with individuals and groups that share our values and our vision.
v. Inclusivity
In fulfilling our mission, we believe in including all people – no exceptions.
vi. Spirituality
As the centre of our lives, the Creator is the reason for all that we do.
1. To inform and educate the community about social justice issues
2. To build relationships with individuals and groups inside and outside the congregation
3. To advocate to governments and other bodies for changes and improvements in social issues
4.To provide financial and in-kind support to those in need in the community
5. To promote participation in social justice initiatives among the congregation.
Over the years, the committee has been involved in many activities that support our social justice commitment, including:
• Food Bank Barrel
• Donation bins for used prescription glasses, items for Carmichael Outreach, and items for Transition House
• Sandwich donations to Waterston House through the Interchurch Sunday Lunch Auxiliary
• Monetary support for youth programming including the Rainbow Youth Centre and Standing Buffalo Lacrosse Team
• Financial support to the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry (RAPM)
• Recycling/Green program
• Bread delivery to Carmichael Outreach
• Annual potluck supper with guest speaker focusing on social issues
• Bulletin board displaying correspondence and social justice information from outside community agencies and the national United Church
• Refugee family sponsorship
• Early Learning Centre book sale
• Representation on the KAIROS Regina committee.
The primary function of the committee is to co-ordinate and facilitate social justice and community outreach activities undertaken by individuals and groups in the congregation.
The committee supports the work of the Wesley Church Council in offering direction to the congregation on matters involving social justice. We attempt to advocate for people suffering hardship throughout the world and in our local community. Our priorities are informed by listening to those in our community and beyond, through information from the national church, word of mouth, mass media, social media, meeting with other social justice groups or individuals, and letters from community groups seeking support. We base our efforts on a solid foundation of knowledge about causes and conditions of deep need both locally and globally.
We endeavor to partner with like-minded community groups, agencies and communities of faith in our social outreach. Through the United Church of Canada, Wesley United Church is a partner of KAIROS Canada.
The Committee has approximately eight members who meet 5-6 times during the year. Meetings run 1-1.5 hours in length. Between meetings, members may be researching contacts, programs or community needs. They may also undertake planning one or two Sunday services on a social justice theme.
Wesley United Church allocates approximately 1.2% of its budget to Social Justice activities. The church, beyond the Social Justice budget, pledges $48,000 annually to Mission and Service of The United Church of Canada.
The Nominations Committee is accepting nominations for new members to the Social Justice Committee.  To nominate yourself or someone else, please contact the office. 
Wesley United Church is a partner with KAIROS Canada through the United Church of Canada.