Social Justice

The mission of the Outreach Division of Wesley United Church is to recognize needs and carry out activities that are designed to link the congregation to both the local community and the global community.

The Division works locally and globally in three areas:

  • Social service - meeting the immediate needs of people on specific issues (such as hunger in Regina or the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa)
  • Social action - working at underlying causes and longer term solutions to problems of social justice
  • Education - for both the committee and the congregation regarding social justice issues (sometimes this takes place in the context of worship)

We have:

  • initiated the sponsorship of refugee families from Kosovo, Iran, Ethiopia, and El Salvador
  • raised awareness and funds for United Church of Canada campaigns such as:
    • the Healing Fund (Indian residential schools)
    • Beads of Hope (HIV/AIDS in southern Africa)
    • emergency appeals
  • held information sessions and workshops on:
    • global climate change
    • Regina street workers and prostitution
    • relations between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people
    • food security
    • rejuvenation of the land
    • Islam and the Middle East: religion and culture
  • had speakers at our Sunday worship (regarding ,e.g., poverty in Regina and impact of AIDS in Africa)
  • participated in issues and activities from the ecumenical KAIROS program (formerly Ten Days for Global Justice) including speakers, dramas, petitions and letter-writing campaigns
  • participated in the Sunday lunch program at Souls Harbour and annual turkey dinner conducted by ISLA (the Interdenominational Sunday Lunch Auxiliary)
  • supported the work of the Regina Food Bank, Carmichael Outreach, Inc., RAPM (the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry) and the Early Learning Centre among others
  • initiated and maintained the Wesley Prairie Garden in an effort to explore our responsibility for environmental stewardship
  • Attempted to make our presence known to students of the nearby campus of the University of Regina.
  • Beads of Hope (HIV/AIDS in southern Africa)

The Outreach Division is an active group and welcomes new members at any time. The particular activities chosen each year depend considerably on the interests and energy of the participants.